Transcontinental May Day 2017

In addition to the framework of the Transcontinental May Day consisting of the call (presenting the common ground), suggestions for common symbols as well as the hashtag #1world1struggle participants of previous chat meetings agreed to support fostering practical solidarity by creating a platform enabling groups to connect and refer to each others struggle.

And this is how it works:

  1. Leave a short message inside this pad with the following information:
    short introduction to your group/ labour union + details on the ongoing struggle (if applicable) + contact information
  2. Wait for groups to get in touch with you or contact one of the groups already listed. You can also refer more people to your request by sending a short note to the May Day 2017 mailing list.
  3. Once two groups are connected and agreed to refer to each other during their May Day activities (e.g. front banner at the demo…

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