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For PDF click here: Bakkavor Bulletin Issue 2

Bakkavor Bulletin Issue 2 Gujarati – Booklet

Bakkavor Bulletin Issue 2 Tamil – Booklet

Christmas is coming! The line gets faster. More things fall on the floor. The olympic box makers go for the gold medal. If I see one more onion bhaji I will be sick!… There are more new agency staff. Some are cheery ­ but for how long?! Canteens are full. Red caps start sweating. Some people go crazy for overtime. Just make sure the ambulance doesn’t come for you!

Let’s be honest ­ with all the stress and work pressure they put us under, the atmosphere can be bad. We don’t expect management to be more friendly, but at least amongst us workers we need more friendliness.

It’s easy to complain about the other guy being lazy, or the new agency woman being…

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